Private Survival Training Adventures

Personalized California Survival School Experiences

Looking for a personalized survival course or guided outdoor adventure? Look no further! Our custom courses & trips can be tailored specifically to meet your exact needs.

From half-day survival workshops to multi-week international outdoor excursions, California Survival School will put together an incredible custom session that is sure to meet your exact needs.

Examples of custom courses we have set-up include:


Global Expedition Readyness Training
– Wilderness Survival Safety Training for Outdoor Professionals.
– Custom Overnight Primitive Camping Excursions.
– Custom Wilderness Trips in Africa, Fiji, Belize, Brazil, Romania, and more!
– Corporate Adventure Trainings & International Executive Retreats.
– Boy Scout/Girl Scout Wilderness Survvial Merit badge training.
– Media Production Consulting
– Wilderness First-aid Certifications
– Organizational Team-building Events. (Visit our team-building event page here for further details.)

Our highly skilled adventure experts are prepared to handle all aspects of helping you create an unforgettable experience for your next family event, school field trip, celebrity/VIP getaway or guided personal growth experience. Prices are quoted on a per person/per day or gross basis, and we’re very good at working within your budget to create exactly the experience you are looking for. Please contact us via the form below to discuss your needs and, hopefully, begin making plans to get your family, company, or organization embarking on an incredible adventure very soon!

Professional And Private Event Inquiries

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