Prepare, Assess, Respond, Survive

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“Life and death in the critical first hours of a calamity typically hinged on the preparedness, resources, and abilities of those in the affected community with the power to help themselves and others in their vicinity. Those who did better were those who didn’t wait idly for help to arrive. In the end, with systems crashing and failing, what mattered most and had the greatest immediate effects were the actions and decisions made in the midst of a crisis by individuals.”

― Sheri Fink (Hurricane Katrina)

What is Included?

Failing to plan is planning to fail. This course ensures that when disaster arrives, you’ll already have what’s needed ahead of time to greet it with a solid plan and proper preparation.

Course Schedule & Locations

Time: 10am - 4:00pm. This course starts at 10:00am and ends generally at 4:00pm. Time is built-in to the course for a short lunch break.
Location: Specific course address location info provided upon registration. Please note that due to fluctuating local regulations with regard to Covid-19, specific course locations may shift in the general area to remain in compliance with local activity regs. Course date reschedules may also occur for the same reason if all available venues are required closed by local regulation.

Pre-disaster Emergency Planning and Preparation Course Curriculum:

The following will be covered during this single-day survival training. (Full details below.)

  1. Creating An Effective Disaster Emergency Plan.
  2. Starting Disaster Emergency Training & Preparations.
  3. Course Training Hands-on Exercises.

Creating An Effective Disaster Emergency Plan:

During this training, Students will learn how to create and maintain effective personalized disaster emergency response & evacuation plans.
This part of the training covers how to :

  1. Organize and manage survival priorities for any disaster
  2. Properly assess disaster threats, risk factors, resources, and readiness for disaster emergencies.
  3. Understand Local, State, and Federal Government disaster response/help timelines & protocols.
  4. Understand disaster communication/information protocols.
  5. Address Biological/Nuclear threats, Warfare, and Civil unrest planning considerations.
  6. Create a neighborhood disaster response networking system.
  7. Evaluate “shelter-in-place” and evacuation preparation considerations and methods.
  8. Write-out and maintain a personal disaster response plan & evacuation plan.

Emergency Preparedness And Urban Disaster Survival Training

Starting Disaster Emergency Training & Preparations:

In addition to creating a functional written disaster response plan, students will also create an action-plan for on-going disaster training and physical preparations. Students will learn about:

  • Preparing disaster readiness resources. Includes training on EDCs (Every-day Carries), 72 Hour Kits, “Bug Out Bags”, “shelter-in-place” home readiness, evacuation considerations, and more.
  • Disaster Psychology Training Considerations – Preparation, Response, Social Behavior, and Self-care.
  • Area “Safing” protocols during a disaster.
  • Using your “Go or No-go” Evacuation Assessment
  • Disaster zone search & medical triage protocols
  • Shelter-in-place Survival Tasks
  • Surviving On-the-move & Refugee Living Considerations
  • Switching from disaster survival model to disaster recovery mode.

Course Training Hands-on Exercises:

  • Complete personal disaster preparedness plans.
  • Create effective emergency 72 hour kits + How to improvise survival gear / resources from common items.
  • Disaster Scenario Response exercises + Mental Flexibility/Improvised Use Games.
  • Area “safing” and home utilities management training.
  • Evacuation “Go/ No-go” exercise
  • Medical Triage Practice.
  • Emergency Communication drills.
  • Plan an alternative evacuation route.

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