SERE Training Stealth And Evasion Basics (2 Days)

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SF Bay Area10/6/23 - 10/8/23$800Sold out
SF Bay Area12/15/23 - 12/17/23$800Sold out

For: Hunters, Solo Hikers, Members of the Armed Services, Law Enforcement, Paramilitary, and anyone else who has a desire to learn to move unobtrusively through the wilderness.

In conjunction with SERE Training School, California Survival School is pleased to offer our 2 Day SERE Training Stealth And Evasion Basics tactical course taught by our Former US Air Force SERE Instructor Staff. Accept nothing less. The best place to learn SERE skills is to get them from actual former USAF SERE Instructors like ours.

Times and Locations: The Weekend Courses will generally start at 4 PM on Friday evening and finish at 4 PM Sunday evening.

SERE Stealth & Evasion Training Covers:
-Preparing for Evasion.
-The mental mindset of a successful evader.
-The principles of effective camouflage.
-Meeting your basic survival needs in tactical environments.
-Movement techniques when alone or in a small group.
-How to minimize signs of presence and passage.
-NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) considerations.

Note: Escape & Resistance Training – The concept of military-like combined Escape and Evasion “E&E” training courses that include escape and resistance elements have become popular over the years. This course is NOT one of them. Instead of poorly imitating military-style resistance and escape training with things like screaming and tasers, the curriculum focus for this course is to take you deep into the fundamentals of genuine SERE Stealth and Evasion techniques in the way that provides real life functional skillsets that are useful to civilians and active duty armed service personnel alike.
Resistance & Escape training is not part of our general sign-up classes for several reasons.  First, some techniques are classified and not taught to the general public ever. Second, we believe that the best method is to not get caught in the first place (a core focus of this course).  Third the likelihood of civilians ever needing to resist interrogation techniques or escape a prison camp is (we hope) fairly small, and this type of training, in a civilian context, is likely to do more harm than good.

Class Size: Maximum class size is 15 people for a weekend course (minimum 6).

What is Included?

Complete Course Description:
Preparing for Evasion:
1. Packing for silence and camouflage
2. Physical conditioning for Stealth and Evasion
3. Setting up covert contacts/communication strategies
- Mental mindset:
1. Psychological factors affecting evaders
2. Methods to calm anxiety

Effective Camouflage:
1. Learn to use natural and manmade materials to mask visual, audio, and olfactory perception
- Meet your basic needs in secrecy:
1. Learn the best evasion water and food sources
2. Learn to build evasion shelters
3. Understand when and how to build a combat fire.

Movement Techniques:
1. Balancing visual and audio when choosing a route
2. Learn the best times to move in tactical situations
3. Learn how to cross various types of barriers effectively (roads, walls, fences, etc)
4. Practice basic hand signals for small group travel.


Minimizing Signs of Presence and Passage:
1. Learn to Move through different environments while minimizing tracks
2. Learn methods to sweep and naturalize a campsite to minimize later detection
3. Learn what types of vegetation and ground to avoid

NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) Considerations:
1. Learn how to respond in NBC conditions to improve you and your companions' chances of survival

Class Size: Maximum class size is 15 people for a weekend course (minimum 6).  Maximum size for a week-long course is 8 participants (minimum 4)

What Gear do I need to bring?

What to Wear: for 2 Day Weekend Course

- Closed toed shoes (hiking boots preferred)
- Long pants
- Sun hat
- Long sleeve shirt
- Extra pair of socks
- Warm layers (possibly including a warm hat and gloves depending on the season/forecast)
- Rain gear (you never know what the weather will decide to do!)
- At least 2 large full water bottles (at least 2 liters) and extra water
- 2 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 2 Dinners, and snacks
- A bowl/plate and desired utensils
- Camp Knife (a multi-tool; or a folding, locking, or fixed blade knife)
- Headlamp (with extra batteries)
- Bedroll sufficient for local nighttime temperatures seasonally appropriate (thermal pad (non-inflatable recommended) and sleeping bag)
- Shelter (tent with a ground cloth, OR a tarp, line, and optional stakes. subdued/earth toned colors best)
- Sufficient supply of all needed medications (twice the amount for the time planned on being out), and other health support items

Optional Items to bring:

- Survival items you have questions about or want to practice skills with (maps, compasses, shelter pieces, fire starters, bought survival or medical kits, etc.)
- Sunscreen
- Sunglasses or safety glasses
- Bug spray
- Camp chair/crazy creek/sit pad
- Note taking materials
- Leather gloves
- Personal camouflage items like face paint, cloth, etc...

How Do Meals Work?

Students will provide their own meals. See packing-list above.

Age Requirements?

Age Requirements:  This is a physically demanding class appropriate for ages 16+.  All participants under the age of 18 must have a participation agreement signed by their parent or legal guardian. Thank you for complying!

Additional Information

Times and Locations: The Weekend Courses will generally start at 4 PM on Friday evening and finish at 4 PM Sunday evening. Weekend courses will be within a one-hour drive of the city listed in the title of the course. Please see below for available dates.

Additional Information: After you register, and two to four weeks before your chosen class date, you will receive an emailed information packet that covers the details for planning for this trip (i.e. – Directions to our starting point, more in-depth packing lists, forms, etc.) If you have any additional questions, please email us at

Private Group Courses are available: You get the folks together and tell us when you want to go -weather and schedules permitting!  We prefer that students allow us at least 30 days advance notice to schedule a course. Private training requests can be emailed to

Cancellation Policies: Trip cancellation by the student must take place at least 28 days prior to the start of the trip in order to be eligible for a refund (less 2% Card processing fee). On rare occasions, a trip is prevented from running due to land closures relating to dangerous weather conditions, fires, etc., or other emergencies. You will be notified promptly if a closure occurs and the trip is prevented from running and will receive the option to reschedule for a later trip date or to receive a full refund.

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