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Core Survival Skills Training - California Survival School
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With decades of experience in both primitive and modern wilderness survival techniques, California Survival School’s expert instructors are ready to help you escape to the great outdoors for unforgettable adventures mastering lifesaving survival skills.

California Survival School operates on a year-round, all-weather basis and is proud to be the largest outdoor survival school in the Golden State. Our activity sites span across California and beyond and each offers a wide range of survival training opportunities, from single-day survival skills clinics to extended multi-day survival trips for those looking for more in-depth survival training.

California Survival School’s wide range of wilderness survival training options include:

Core Survival Skills Adventure Trainings

Primitive wilderness survival tactics to handle critical survival needs like emergency plan development, temperature regulation, primitive water finding / sterilization, caloric management, and more in a wilderness survival situation.

Ancient Survival Tools and Traps

Learn the art of creating ancient survival gear like stone blades, natural rope, coal-burned tools, and primitive glues used to produce everything from friction fire to hunting traps.

5 Day Grand Canyon Desert Survival Adventures

Explore primitive desert living techniques in the ancient heart of the Grand Canyon.

5 Day Primitive Island Survival Expeditions

Learn to master traditional island living skills on our exclusive Hawaiian primitive adventure.

Team building Adventures

Innovative wilderness team-building adventures

WilderSkills™ Youth Primitive Skills Summer Camps

Primitive survival & nature awareness summer camp for kids ages 7-13.

Private Wilderness Survival Events

Completely customized survival training & trips.