Modern Survival Tactics

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Modern Survival Tactics


For: Outdoor Professionals, Backpackers, Outback Adventurers.
Wilderness emergencies WILL happen. Modern Survival Tactics training will help both wilderness novices and outdoor pros get up to speed on best practices and information covering critical aspects of modern outdoor survival skills.

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Training Covers Essentials Skills Like How To:
– Effectively plan for back-country wilderness travel.
– Activate SAR (Search & Rescue) in an emergency.
– Navigate open plains and dense forests with and without modern gear.
– Signal to and guide-in a rescue chopper for evac.
– Pack an effective gear load-out for every situation.
– Rig an effective emergency shelter with only pocket materials.
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Complete Course Description

Back-country Travel P.L.A.N.
Learn California Survival School’s signature P.L.A.N. methodology for traveling the back-country safely as well as how to respond if emergencies happen anyway.
Learn how to pre-plan for SAR and how to activate the Search and Rescue system in an emergency.
Modern Navigation & Traditional Aid-less Techniques:
Learn how to select, calibrate, and maintain proper navigation tools for your mission.
Learn how to use multiple methods and tools to effectively plan & safely navigate travel routes through wild space & how to track your position accurately en route.
Navigation methods covered include map & compass, celestial navigation, effective in-field use of an azimuth, time-tracking, aid-less navigation, gps, and more.
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Signaling & Trail Sign
Learn proper trail sign and signaling methods for successful group travel and emergency situations. Emergency signaling training covers effective use of contrast/movement, fire, smoke, reflectors, sound, radio protocol, natural features, and more.
Proper Gear Selection & Use:
What to carry/not carry.
10 Essentials, critical systems, and sacred order checklists.
Essential knots training.
Improvised emergency shelters.
Modern cutting tool selection, use, maintenance.
Water purification.
Communication tools & use.
First-aid Kits
Survival Mind-set & Physiology:
How to recognize situational/physiological warning/danger signs, control fear, and effectively respond to an emergency in the back-country.

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Class Sizes: The average class size for this course is between 15 and 20 people. Classes are limited to a maximum of 30 participants.

Age Requirements: This course is appropriate for all ages 5+, however it is a fast-paced learning experience geared towards teens and adults. All participants under the age of 18 must have a participation agreement signed by their parent or legal guardian and children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian throughout the course. Thank you for complying!

What to bring: We suggest that you come dressed to spend a day outdoors where weather can change ( close-toed shoes, long pants, light-weight long-sleeve shirt, a hat, and cold-weather/rain gear as needed). It is also a good idea to pack a lunch/snacks, plenty of drinking water, as well as something to takes notes with if you wish. You may also want to bring a camera for still photography as permitted by the instructor. We’ll provide all the other things needed for your survival adventure!

Date & Time: All clinics run from 10 AM to 3 PM unless specifically noted otherwise. Available class dates are noted below for each location.

Directions: The date and area locations for each class are listed in registration section below. Our Main Operating Areas are:

Orange County & Los Angeles:
Training events are held at various locations throughout the OC/LA Area. Please refer to details provided for your specific event.
San Francisco Bay Area:
Training events are held at various locations throughout the SF Bay Area. Please refer to details provided for your specific event.
San Diego County:
Training events are held at various locations throughout the San Diego Area. Please refer to details provided for your specific event.
Sacramento/Lake Tahoe:
Training events are held at various locations throughout the Sacramento Area. Please refer to details provided for your specific event.

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