7 Day Baja Mexico Island Survival Adventure

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7 Day Baja Mexico Island Survival Adventure
  • A 7 day survival adventure in Mexico on a PRIVATE DESERT ISLAND! Need we say more?
  • Learn primitive survival skills from California Survival School’s best instructors, including the legendary David Holladay (Survival trainer and advisor for Bear Grylls, Les Stroud, Cody Lundine, The movie Castaway, and more!)

  • Focus on desert and coastal primitive survival skills including desert survival shelters, coastal spear fishing, water finding & purification, friction fire methods, survival hunting/trapping methods, stone tools, wild edibles foraging, and local native crafting skills taught by Siri and Yaqui natives.

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The Experience (Click for More Detail)
Survival training on a private desert island! This incredible 7 day trip will take you across Mexico to the inner coasts of Baja on the Sea of Cortez where we’ll learn desert and coastal primitive living skills among locals and then have the chance to put our skills to the test as we wild-craft and forage from the land and sea to provide for our daily living needs on the island. Topics like spear fishing, desert shelters, friction fire, stone tools, wild edibles, and more will be covered.
The Day-to-Day Schedule: (Click for More Detail)
Point of Departure: Adventurers will have the option to start with us in Tucson Arizona and travel into Mexico by bus or to fly into Hermosillo Mexico by plane and meet the group there.
Day 1: The first day of the trip will be spent traveling across the Mexican countryside to San Carlos Mexico. Upon arrival, we’ll head out with local guides to our desert base camp location near San Carlos.
Days 2-3: From base camp, we’ll explore the local countryside and wild-craft together primitive living gear in preparation for traveling to the island. Traditional meals will be prepared with local families.
Days 4-6: We’ll take a local fishing boat out to a private desert island where we’ll be the sole inhabitants! Put to the test, students will turn to the land and sea and will use the primitive gear produced at basecamp as well as learned skills like friction fire, shelter construction, and spear fishing to provide for daily living needs while exploring the island’s beaches and inland regions.
Day 7: We’ll return to the Mexican mainland for a local farewell and then close out our great adventure by traveling back to Tucson by evening.
What About Gear? (Click for More Detail)
This is a minimum effective gear adventure. For an enjoyable adventure, the lighter the better, less is more! Some gear changes with the season. We will provide you with a full list of required, optional, and prohibited gear upon registration.
How do meals work? (Click for More Detail)
Physical Requirements: (Click for More Detail)
The short: There will be many opportunities for hiking and swimming. You should be in good health. Doctor’s physical required.
More Detail: This adventure course provides, among many other things, a physical test for its students. A number of paced, but physically demanding hiking opportunities occur during the course, as well opportunities to swim and do other physically demanding activities. As this adventure can be quite physically challenging, California Survival School REQUIRES THAT ALL ADVENTURE COURSE APPLICANTS UNDERGO A COMPLETE PHYSICAL EXAMINATION AND RECEIVE A PHYSICIAN’S APPROVAL IN WRITING PRIOR TO FINAL ACCEPTANCE ON THE COURSE. Please keep in mind, despite your physician’s approval and California Survival Schools ‘s acceptance of you on the course, there are no guarantees. Health and participation risks (inherent and otherwise) remain. It’s up to you and your physician to determine if one of our courses is an appropriate choice. All participants must be aware of these risks and accept them. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Age Requirements: (Click for More Detail)
Attendees must be at least 14 years of age.
Additional Information: When you register for your trip you will receive an information packet that covers all the major details of planning for this trip (i.e. – How to get here, pre and/or post-trip nearby lodging recommendations, packing lists, etc.) If you have any additional questions, please email us at info@casurvival.com or call 1-877-256-3214.

7 Day Baja Mexico Desert Island Adventure Dates & Times:

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