Wilderness Emergency Response Training

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What’s the difference between a wilderness survival situation and a medical emergency?
In the back-country, it’s likely timing. Like best friends, it’s hard to keep these two apart and the start of one is often soon followed by the other. Those who truly want to be prepared to survive a back-country emergency will complete wilderness-specific first-aid training as well as wilderness survival training before their next outdoor adventure.
California Survival School’s hands-on emergency response training courses for wilderness professionals and outdoor enthusiasts will equip you with the knowledge and practical skill-sets necessary to handle common wilderness emergency situations.
WIlderness Emergency Respone Training Courses

Wilderness First-aid (WFA) Certification

Our 16 hour complete WFA certification is a two day wilderness first aid intensive that will give you a solid foundation in the fundamentals of wilderness medicine. Learning takes place outdoors regardless of weather conditions, providing an authentic training experience for hands-on training that saves lives. Successful course completion earns you a NASAR (Nactional Association of Search & Rescue) Wilderness First Aid certification which stays current for two years. Learn more and register here.

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