Upcoming Animal Tracking and Wilderness Awareness Class – August 24th 2013

“For 99 percent of the time  we’ve been on Earth, we were hunter and gatherers, our lives dependent on  knowing the fine, small details of our world.   Deep inside, we still have a longing to be reconnected with the nature  that shaped our imagination, our language, our song and dance, our sense of the  divine.  – Janine M. Benyus

California Survival School’s Animal Tracking & Wilderness Awareness class is a fast-paced way to kick-start your awareness of the natural world around you into high gear. Our expert staff of naturalists and traditional living skills experts will guide you through an afternoon of activities that will facilitate an understanding of how the natural world around you constantly speaks to those who understand how to listen.

Appropriate for all ages, this class provides a solid foundation for both the camping novice as well as the seasoned outdoorsmen to gain the outdoor skills and understanding necessary to turn your wilderness surroundings from enemy to ally.

Skills & topics covered in the Core Survival Skills Clinic include:

Nature Awareness: Learn to understand the language of the natural world in order to see more wildlife and understand natural indicators that could save your life in a survival situation.

Animal Tracking Basics: Learn about animal behavior fundamentals and methodologies for animal track & sign identification. Track Identification, interpretation, aging, pace, gate, stride, trailing, and eco tracking are just a few of the aspects of tracking covered.

Basic Snare & Traps: Instructors will cover various trapping and snaring methods as well as how, where, and when to set them for maximum effect.

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