Groupon Redemption Class Registration Form

Groupon Customer Class Registration Form

Thank you for purchasing a Groupon with California Survival School! If you do not know what a Groupon is, don't worry, they're basically a bunch of gift certificates we sold to attend our classes. It was a one-time promotion, so if you don't already have one, this does not affect you. To redeem your Groupon, please check our class availability on the course description page for our Core Survival Skills Adventure Clinic and then fill out the form below with all of the required information. *Please note that a separate form must be submitted for each class attendee. We will then contact you shortly to confirm your chosen class date or work with you to select another available class date if your selected class date is full. After we contact you to confirm your class registration, you will also receive an email with program details.
  • *Please note that a separate form must be submitted for each class attendee. Failure to enter correct information for each attendee may result in the loss of the desired class spot for the desired class date for that attendee.
  • As per the course description for our classes. All participants under the age of 15 must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.
  • Enter Groupon Redemption Code Below:
  • Please select your desired class date from the list of available class dates on the core survival skills adventure clinic registration page.
  • Cancellation Policy: California Survival Company incurs most program expenses while preparing for our clinics, classes and trips. Our cancellation and refund policies reflect the fact that it is impossible to recover these costs for late cancellations, no-shows, or withdrawals from ongoing courses. It is also almost impossible to re-fill a space on a course if you cancel at the last minute. As such, there is a 7-day cancellation policy for all clinics and classes. Any reschedule/cancellation made before this time will be allowed. Reschedules/cancelations after this time are not allowed and the voucher will be redeemed on the previously registered class date regardless of attendance. Once within the cancellation period (7 days), there will be no transfers, reschedules, or refunds allowed (reschedules free of charge will be made if California Survival School is forced to cancel a program). PLEASE NOTE: The cancellation deadline is determined by the starting time of the activity. A class starting at 9am on Saturday must be cancelled by 9am on the PREVIOUS Saturday in order to reschedule. Even if our office is closed, you may cancel by email or phone - time stamps are recorded for all incoming communication to our office. Reservation Policy: 100% of trip/class/clinic fee is due at time of booking. Standards of Behavior policy: On California Survival School clinics, classes and trips, all participants are expected to maintain high standards of honor, morality, and integrity. We require participants to abstain from all use of alcohol and harmful drugs for the duration of the clinics, classes, or trips. California Survival School instructors and staff have the sole discretion to remove any participant from a clinic, class, or trip if perceived to be endangering themselves or another California Survival School student or staff member. A participant will be removed if believed to presenting a safety concern, medical risk, behavior problem, engaged in illegal activity, or anything else the staff¬ believes detrimental to the clinic, class, or trip.