What is California Survival School’s Cancelation & Refund Policy?

California Survival School incurs most of it’s costs prior to the start of each course, meaning resources are invested in preparing training events and adventures for the expected number of students long before you walk through the door. As such, Team CSS has a standard 7-day cancellation policy for all single-day public courses, and a 28-Day cancellation policy for all overnight courses, multi-day trips, and private/custom events (Unless otherwise noted.). Any cancellation made before the applicable 7 day time deadline for our single-day public courses will receive a full refund less a $15 processing fee. Reschedules/transfers will also be charged the applicable processing fees outside of the applicable period as well. Once within the cancellation period (7 days or 28 days respectively), there will be no transfers, reschedules, or refunds allowed (full refunds or reschedules free of charge will be made if California Survival School is forced to cancel a program). PLEASE NOTE: A class starting at 9am on Saturday must be cancelled by 9am on the PREVIOUS Saturday in order to receive a full refund or un-penalized reschedule. Students can make cancellation or reschedule requests via email or by calling 1-877-256-3214 for further directions.