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This signature California Survival School course will give you a working knowledge of the traditional primitive tools and techniques required to get mother nature to issue you a lifetime membership to your very own personal survival hardware store.

The Ancient Survival Tools and Traps training is a MUST for anyone looking to develop wilderness survival skills that will significantly increase their chances of surviving a wilderness emergency with nothing but wits and the clothes on their back.

Our skilled instructors take a hands-on approach to teaching you how to use resources from your natural surroundings to construct functional tools and handcrafted wares from scratch that will make it possible for you to replace modern gear with natural alternatives that get the job done.

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Skills & Topics Covered In The Ancient Survival Tools & Traps Clinic Include:

Stone Blades: Learn how to create stone blades 300x sharper than surgical steel that can be used for everything from sawing wood to cleaning an animal for dinner.
Coal-burned Tools & Containers: Forget the cook pots and silverware at home while camping? No problem! After learning the secrets of constructing and using fully functional cooking tools and containers made from wood and other natural materials, you’ll be ready to improvise a hot meal on the go anytime.
Natural Cordage & Binding Techniques: Students will be taught how to create cordage rope from natural materials as well as how use cordage for more advance projects. These techniques can also be adapted to make everything from sleeping mats to clothes and containers.
Natural Glues & Hafting Techniques: In addition to constructing natural cordage, students will also be taught about making natural glues and proper binding/hafting techniques for making primitive tools.
Primitive Hunting Traps Students will have a chance to combine the skills that they’ve learned during the course to produce various small game hunting traps. Basics of trapping theory will also be discussed. No animals will be hunted or harmed during this course.

Additional Details:

Class Sizes: The average class size for this course is between 15 and 20 people. Classes are limited to a maximum of 30 participants.

Age Requirements: This course is appropriate for all ages 5+, however it is a fast-paced learning experience geared towards teens and adults. All participants under the age of 18 must have a participation agreement signed by their parent or legal guardian and children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian throughout the course. Thank you for complying!

What to bring: We suggest that you come dressed to spend a day outdoors where weather can change ( close-toed shoes, long pants, light-weight long-sleeve shirt, a hat, and cold-weather/rain gear as needed). It is also a good idea to pack a lunch/snacks, plenty of drinking water, as well as something to takes notes with if you wish. You may also want to bring a camera for still photography as permitted by the instructor. We’ll provide all the other things needed for your survival adventure!

Date & Time: All clinics run from 10 AM to 3 PM unless specifically noted otherwise. Available class dates are noted below for each location.

Directions: The date and area locations for each class are listed in registration section below. Our Main Operating Areas are:

Orange County & Los Angeles:
Training events are held at various locations throughout the OC/LA Area. Please refer to details provided for your specific event.
San Francisco Bay Area:
Training events are held at various locations throughout the SF Bay Area. Please refer to details provided for your specific event.
San Diego County:
Training events are held at various locations throughout the San Diego Area. Please refer to details provided for your specific event.
Sacramento/Lake Tahoe:
Training events are held at various locations throughout the Sacramento Area. Please refer to details provided for your specific event.
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