What is California Survival School’s Cancelation & Refund Policy?

California Survival Company incurs most program expenses while preparing for our clinics, classes and trips. Our cancellation and refund policies reflect the fact that it is impossible to recover these costs for late cancellations, no-shows, or withdrawals from ongoing courses. It is also almost impossible to re-fill a space on a course if you cancel at the last minute. As such, there is a 7-day cancellation policy for all clinics, classes, and a 28-Day cancellation policy for all overnight trips and corporate events. Any cancellation made before this time will receive a full refund (minus a $15 per person cancellation transaction fee for single day events and a $35 cancellationĀ fee forĀ multi-day events). Reschedules/transfers will also be charged the applicable processing fees outside of the 7/28 day period as well. Once within the cancellation period (7 days or 28 days respectively), there will be no transfers, reschedules, or refunds allowed (full refunds or reschedules free of charge will be made if California Survival School is forced to cancel a program). PLEASE NOTE: The cancellation deadline is determined by the starting time of the activity. A class starting at 9am on Saturday must be cancelled by 9am on the PREVIOUS Saturday in order to receive a full refund. Even if our office is closed, you may cancel by email or phone – time stamps are recorded for all incoming communication to our office.